About Education Courses

Anybody interested in the football analysis area from the enthusiast, student, coach, sport scientist and analyst will benefit from our resources. We provide different levels of online content ranging from the basics to more advanced information to develop your understanding of concepts and applications. Once completed, you will gain both crucial professional development and a certificate in football analytics. We also offer information via our critical blog material on football analysis.

Each level of the course is approximately 7-9 hours long (Levels 1-3). The total time of the three levels by the first elite instructor Dr Paul Bradley is around 25 hours in total. This will vary for other topics and instructors as they come online for our community.

We are not trying to replicate a university setting but instead offer a cutting-edge online football analysis resource to everyone. Teaching and learning methods will include online lectures and seminars that will enable the learner to have constant access to the content for a 12-month period and to allow unlimited replays of material. We will offer learners the opportunity to engage with recorded content on football analytics and we regularly post critical Blogs that complement this material. The various delivery types will allow learners to develop theoretical and applied knowledge within a football analysis context.

Yes, once we have confirmation all content has been viewed then we can send you the certificate to verify completion of the course.

We suggest you start at the lowest level if you are new to the content and then move through the levels systematically to develop foundational knowledge before layering on top the more advanced levels. If you are at an intermediate or advanced level of knowledge, you can read the course descriptions and make your own decision. Regarding the content order at each level, we suggest going through them in the order they are listed to maximise learning.

You will have access to the content for 12 months and this will allow you to view it as many times as you want. We limit the content to two devices only (e.g., Laptop & iPad).

Yes, our software allows us to see how many sessions you have completed so we can see how you are progressing. This will allow us to send you your certificate to verify you have completed the appropriate course(s). You will have access to the content for 12 months and this will allow you to view it as many times as you want.

You have 12 months to complete the viewings, which is plenty of time. Once we see that you have viewed the content then we can send you your certificate.

About Consultancy Services

This is a difficult Q. to answer so we suggest you contact us via the website and we can verify if our services can support your organisations needs. We conduct research, development & innovation work with clubs, federations and technology companies around a multitude of subjects from player recruitment to developing ‘in-house’ R&D analytical projects that have been reverse engineered from key stakeholders. We also devise bespoke football analytical reports personalised for the end user and organisation’s philosophy. Plus, many more consultancy services, so get in touch with us.

About Mentoring Services

This is another hard Q. to answer fully and completely in this section of the website. Thus, we suggest you contact us via the website to get more detail if needed. We are highly committed to mentoring both established and upcoming practitioners in relation to general personal development (life skills) and specific professional expertise (work skills). So, get in touch to see if we can help you achieve your potential within the game.