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Football Analytics HQ is highly committed to mentoring both established and upcoming coaches, analysts and scientists in relation to general personal development (life skills) and specific professional expertise (work skills). This will allow the individual to first realise and then develop their hidden potential. We have mentors with 15+ years of experience in mentoring individuals in world class Universities and Football Clubs.

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Helping you to create a bespoke personal / professional philosophy based on your values, expertise and future aspirations in the football industry.

Support and advice regarding various accreditations and qualifications in the football science area (e.g. BSc, MSc and PhD level or BASES accreditation).

Mentoring established and upcoming football scientists in relation to football analysis research topics.

Advanced self-development techniques to accelerate productivity and growth.

Provide online educational resources for clubs, associations and federations within the world of football.

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Plus 15+ years of experience teaching at world class Universities and have successfully supervised 10+ PhD students to completion on football analysis-based projects.

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