Let’s Start with the Basics

Level 1 – ‘The Beautiful Basics’ of Football Analysis

This course was designed to cover the fundamentals of football analytics and delve deeper into the scientific pillars that are essential for the modern football analyst and scientist. The content ranges from the origins of football analytics, identifying key performance indicators (technical, tactical, physical) right through to factors that impact game metrics.

Price: £169


Aims of this course are to:

  • Develop theoretical and applied awareness of physical, technical and tactical analysis techniques.
  • Understand the scientific fundamentals in football science and how they apply to data analysis.
  • Evaluate the metrics in football using an evidenced based approach and to examine the multitude of factors that impact metrics.




  • >8 hours of content.
  • 12-month-access to the course.
  • Certificate of Completion.

Course content

  1. Origins, Obstacles, and Advancements of Football Analysis (1h 09min)
  2. What Football Scientists Need to Know About Scientific Fundamentals (2h 11min)
  3. Importance of Knowing the Football Analysis Basics (1h 42min)
  4. Analysing Youth Players: Levelling the Playing Field (1h 41min)
  5. Factors Influencing Match Performance: Trying to Interpret the Chaos (1h 55min)

Instructor: Paul Bradley


Meet Paul Bradley

Dr Paul Bradley is a world leading authority on match analysis. He is the author of the unique book ‘Football Decoded’, which was released on Amazon in 2020. He is currently a Football Science Consultant for elite teams, national governing bodies and technology companies. He typically conducts translational work within an elite football setting that bridges the gap between cutting edge research and professional practice (e.g. not just research for research sake but work that adds value to the applied setting).

One area he has pioneered recently is the contextualisation of match and training data and he is currently working with many elite organisations in this regard. He has 15+ years of experience teaching football analytical topics at top Universities in the UK and has published >80 papers and has >5300 citations in the science & football area.


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